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Restore The Function & Appearance of Your Smile with Dentures

Missing teeth can take a serious toll on your quality of life by compromising your appearance and making eating and speaking a challenge.

Dentures can replace several missing teeth or an entire dental arch, restoring the function and appearance of your smile.

Reasons to Consider Dentures

Take Years off Your Appearance
Designed to look like natural teeth, dentures can be customized to complement the shape of your face and improve the appearance of sunken cheeks and puckered lips.

Enhance Your Quality of Life
Dentures can renew your ability to eat comfortably, enunciate clearly, and chew properly. With a fully functional smile, you can enjoy life more completely.

Benefit from the Stability of Implants
You can elect to secure your dentures with dental implants. This solution keeps your dentures firmly in place and prevents the jawbone recession that occurs after tooth loss.

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*According to the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors.

Dentures Can Address Many Needs

Complete Tooth Loss
If you have lost all of your teeth in one or both jaws, a full denture can restore an entire arch of teeth.

Localized Tooth Loss
If you have lost more than three teeth in a row, your dentist may recommend a partial denture rather than a bridge.

Multiple Areas of Tooth Loss
If you have lost teeth in different areas of your smile, a partial denture can fill these gaps using a single restoration.

Infected or Rotting Teeth
You may be a candidate for a denture if you have teeth that are too decayed, broken, or infected to repair. Replacing these teeth with dentures can prevent infection from spreading to other areas of your body.

Loose or Shifting Teeth
Often a symptom of gum disease, your dentist may recommend addressing loose or shifting teeth by removing and replacing them with a custom denture.

Conditions That Affect Denture Candidacy

Bone Density
For an implant-supported restoration, you must have enough jawbone tissue to support dental implants. A bone graft can restore lost tissue if you have experienced jawbone recession. Even for a traditional restoration, your doctor may recommend pre-prosthetic surgery to prevent issues and make your restoration fit more comfortably.

Gum Disease
While early stages of gum disease can be easily treated, the condition can reach a point at which the solution may require tooth extraction. Once the teeth are removed, your gums can heal and a denture can replace the extracted teeth. You must be free of gum disease and tooth decay prior to receiving dentures.

Feelings of Self-Consciousness
If an incomplete smile is making you feel self-conscious, you should speak to your dentist about dentures. A restoration can improve both the appearance and function of your smile and allow you to feel more confident.

Benefits of Premium Dentures

When it comes to dentures, the more you are willing to spend, the more benefits you are likely to experience. While you may not need the very strongest denture on the market, paying for greater durability or a more natural-looking result may be worth the added investment.
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