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Preventative Dentistry

It’s time to stop being reactive & start being proactive when it comes to your oral health

Your time and money are invaluable. So why waste it on reactive dentistry that will require recurring appointments to schedule restorative procedures that with undoubtedly cost more money? Start building your oral health foundation with preventative dentistry that delivers a healthy smile customized for you and your budget.
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Preventative Dentistry

Frequently Asked Questions

Preventative dentistry is the branch of dentistry that provides services that are essential to helping you build a foundation of good oral health. Things like thorough cleanings, detailed dental exams, digital x-rays, and oral cancer screenings are tools we use in preventative dentistry.
It’s recommended to have your teeth professionally cleaned and have a dental exam completed by a dentist every six months. This will ensure good oral health, prevention of gum disease, and tooth decay.
Periodontal disease is both preventable and treatable. You can prevent periodontal disease by seeing your dentist regularly and continuing good oral hygiene practices like brushing teeth and flossing. Your dentist will be able to inspect the gums and help educate you on periodontal disease prevention.
Yes! Preventative dentistry can help get to the underlying issue of tooth sensitivity to determine whether or not the sensitivity needs medical intervention. Bad breath and plaque build up is targeted by preventative dentistry and thorough dental cleanings by professionals and in depth dental exams.
Protecting your teeth from decay includes maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine like brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and seeing the denitst regularly. Other issues like bruxism, uneven bite and more can cause wear and tear on the teeth and need to be addressed with your dentist for an appropriate care plan.
Most dental insurances cover some or all preventative dentistry costs as it is medically necessary for your overall health.