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Improve your health, unlock your potential, & impact others with straight teeth

Tired of your crooked teeth? Annoyed that you’re constantly hiding your smile? We don’t blame you. Life is too short to be ashamed of your smile. Unlock your potential, increase your success, and restore your confidence with orthodontics.
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We are the leading provider of Invisalign® in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

Dentistry for Life is the Leading Provider of Invisalign®  in Fort Worth, Texas.

You are a candidate for braces if you have crooked, crowded, overlapping teeth. If have an overbite, underbite, jaw irregularities, or gaps between teeth.

It is tough to establish a set cost for our braces and Invisalign services as each case is unique. Contact our office for a complementary consultation to find out the exact cost of your Invisalign or braces treatment.

Some insurances may cover a portion of the cost of braces or Invisalign if they are deemed medically necessary to benefit your oral health and thus your overall health.

You’re not alone… Adults are actually seeking orthodontic treatment at a higher rate today than anytime in history. Early intervention for orthodontics is key because the earlier the intervention the less likely serious complications can occur. Ideally seven is a great age to take your child to the orthodontist.

There is no age limit to orthodontics. Anyone anywhere can benefit from a straight, healthy, beautiful smile. And with Invisalign more and more adults are choosing to correct their teeth with aligners than ever before.
It works by placing pressure on teeth and gradually guiding them into the correct position.
Treatment time will vary depending on the patient. Just like a fingerprint each smile is unique and the treatment method and time is not a one size fits all approach. Your customized plan time depends solely on your smile goals and the current state of your smile.
The initial process doesn’t hurt but as the alignment process begins and your teeth gradually begin to shift it isn’t uncommon to feel sore. However, it shouldn’t last more than a few days. Your lips and cheeks may need additional time to get used to braces or aligners.
Absolutely! It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene, especially with braces. Food can be trapped in small crevices which can lead to staining, cavities, and overall poor oral health.
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